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Copy of Jenni Earle Handmade Talisman Bandana | Be Brave

  • $ 34.00

We love Jenni Earle.   Based in Winston Salem, NC (about two hours down the road from us), Jenni and her team make beautiful items, including these gorgeous handmade, hand-printed talisman bandanas.   I am obsessed with them, and I always have one around to remind to stay confident and be brave.   They look great with our bags, look great with jeans, look great around your neck, under your hat, around your arm and in your heart. 

This beauty features the phrase "be brave" in Jenni's handwriting on it.  A reminder that you are enough, you can do this. 

Jenni only uses Southern grown and milled cotton, and hand-dyes and prints each bandana.   This is not your average piece of cloth.   It has an amazing vintage vibe, perfectly worn in, and ready to put on right out the package.   

Shop here, or head on over to Jenni's site at to shop and learn more about her story!  We are sure you are going to quickly become a lifetime customer.  

Some more info: 
hand dyed and printed bandana

hand drawn design

words “be brave” on one corner, to be used as a reminder to summon up all that courage

approx. 21"x21"

100% southern grown + milled cotton

machine wash cold slight fading to be expected
Made in United States of America