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Best Crossbody Bag Trends 2023 To Keep An Eye On 

July 29,2022


Crossbody bags are the latest and greatest when it comes to functionality and comfortability. The hands-free way to wear a bag not only gives you greater security over your personal belongings but can also elevate an outfit completely. Of course, that’s when choosing the right crossbody bag trend comes into play.

So, what are the latest crossbody bag trends 2023 fashionistas should know? Keep reading for your ultimate guide to crossbody bag trends 2023 edition.

What Are The Best Crossbody Bag Trends 2023?

Even in fashion magazines like Vogue, crossbody bag trends 2023 couldn’t be hotter! Over the years, handbag makers have expanded their crossbody collections. Almost always offering a crossbody style, no matter the trend or season. Why? The crossbody style of wear is ideal for all-day wear. Offering comfortability, safety, and security while traveling in groups!

As for the best crossbody bag trends 2023 wise, satchels are rising in popularity, as are woven options and those that have a pre-worn appearance. One crossbody bag trend that never goes out of style, however, is leather crossbody bags. One reason being, leather is more versatile and durable than most other materials.

Are Crossbody Bags In Style?

Absolutely! Crossbody bags almost never go out of style - like leather. Or, like wearing a bag on your shoulder or “clutching” a clutch... There are a few classic ways to wear a handbag or tote, that aren’t trends, but staples.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that certain colors, hardware, or styles of crossbody bags may come and go. For instance, messenger bags have their moment. While tiny crossbody bags like the LuluLemon belt bag have their own, too.

All in all, that means crossbody bags are always in style. So, to make the most out of your purchase, it can help to purchase a material or style of crossbody that, again, is always “in style”. Those being styles like leather, black, or other neutral tones or materials.

Why Should You Wear A Crossbody Bag In 2023?

There are a few key benefits to wearing a crossbody bag 2023 wise and beyond. Below are the advantages of infusing this style in your current or staple wardrobe:

-The strap of crossbody bags rests comfortably on your chosen shoulder blade, which takes weight off the neck.

-The style of wearing crossbody bags also prevents the bag from swinging around, or potentially opening and losing your personal belongings.

These benefits make crossbody bags an optimal choice for carrying heavy items, carrying items for long periods of time. Or, even during specific activities, like long distance hikes or dancing the night away!

Where To Find High-Quality Handmade Crossbody Bags In 2023?

Basically, when buying anything, especially bags and accessories, you have two choices - you can buy from a big brand or store (think Amazon, Nordstroms, etc.), or you can support small local craft artisans. The benefits of choosing handmade crossbody bags from small business like In Blue Handmade include -

-Durability: Each piece is made with care and love, and not a machine that’s mass producing the same product, over and over with no oversight or quality control.

-Longevity: Crossbody bags that are handcrafted, and leather especially, can last a lifetime!

-Feel-good purchasing: By purchasing from a local artisan, you’re supporting a human not a well-oiled corporate machine! At In Blue Handmade, we’re a woman-owned, small team that has a deep rooted passion for sustainability, and leather goods. With every purchase, you’re also supporting Feeding America and giving 50 meals to folks in need.

Again, the choice is up to you! But often, high quality handcrafted items are more unique and built to last.

Final Thoughts About Crossbody Bag Trends 2023

With this guide, you can confidently purchase the crossbody bag trend 2023 you love! Now you know the benefits of crossbody bags and how to find one that works best for you and your style or purchasing preferences.

Before you go, head over to In Blue Handmade’s full collection of handmade leather goods and find a high-quality crossbody bag trend 2023 that’ll last you a lifetime!

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