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Can You Restore Leather Handbags?

december 19, 2022


Knowing about the restoration capabilities of leather handbags has two purposes. For one, it allows you to restore old leather handbags you already have and want to use again. For two, it solidifies purchasing a new leather handbag, knowing it has longevity ahead.

To learn more about how you can restore leather handbags that have become worn out, we’ve got your ultimate guide. Keep reading to learn the answers to the top questions about restoring leather handbags, and how to do so successfully.

 Can You Restore A Leather Handbag To Appear New Again?

First things first - is it possible to restore a leather handbag to make it appear new again? It’s best to maintain your leather over time, so it never stops looking new. But in the event, you find an old leather handbag or haven’t kept up with cleaning routines as well as you should - here’s how to restore a leather handbag, and keep it looking new overtime -

1. Use a quality leather cleaner to wipe down the entire surface of the leather handbag, periodically.

2. Condition your leather handbag with a special leather conditioner. Simply apply a small amount to the bag, and massage it into the surface evenly.

You can also use cornstarch, baking soda, lemon juice, and cream of tartar to spot clean greasy stains or oil patches. 

What To Do In Restoring Badly Worn Leather 

If your leather handbag is more than just dirty and damaged with peeling or scratches, you can use a few other specialized products to get it looking new again. Leather recoloring balms, and leather glue are the most common types of products to help fill in areas that show wear in your bag.

Another product called liquid leather can be used to repair cracks, seals or peels on your bag’s surface.

 Can You Restore Leather With Vinegar?

If you’re looking for more common household items to restore your leather handbag, vinegar can also work effectively. Vinegar is a go-to, all-natural solution to target deep-set stains. All you have to do is lightly dampen a cloth with vinegar and gently rub the area you’re hoping to spot-clean.

When mixed with equal parts water, vinegar is also effective at removing salt stains from leather bags or shoes. Linseed oil added to vinegar for cleaning has the added benefit of conditioning.

What Are The Causes Of Leather Handbags Peeling?

It’s important to remember that leather is an animal’s skin. So, like humans, it requires moisture to avoid cracking and peeling. That means that conditioning your bag on a regular basis will help you avoid the inevitable peeling over time.

Peeling can also happen if the leather handbag is stored in an unsuitable place, like somewhere very hot or cold. 

How Long Should A Leather Handbag Last

If a leather handbag is well-kept, it can last a lifetime and beyond. In fact, history shows leather handbags can last up to 100 years without deteriorating. That’s because leather is one of the most naturally durable fabrics available on the market today. 

Which Type Of Leather Lasts The Longest For Handbags?

Genuine leather is by far the most durable and long-lasting type of leather for handbags. It’s also been found that full-grain leather types are the highest quality and will have the highest longevity due to this level of caliber. Specifically, leather made from buffalo is shown to be the strongest and most durable of all, followed by cowhide.

Leather Handbags at In Blue Handmade 

Leather isn’t like any other fabric. It’s durable and long-lasting for good reason, as it takes time to tan, preserve, and halt the process of transforming the hide for wear. That also means you shouldn’t shop for leather bags like you would any other fabric.

The process of making leather handbags is one that benefits from a handcrafted touch. Don’t take our word for it - seek out a machine-made leather bag, and a handmade leather bag, and we’ll guarantee you can see and feel the difference.

So, if you’re looking to make an investment toward your next staple accessory - look no further than In Blue Handmade for a leather bag. Not only do we offer an extensive collection of leather bags, and accessories, but we’re a small, woman-owned business that facilitates ‘feel-good’ purchasing too.

How? Every bag we sell feeds 50 people in need through Feeding America.

Put that buying power to good use and enjoy all the benefits that leather bags can provide. Shop our current selection of leather bags now! 

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