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How Can You Tell If You Have A Real Genuine Leather Purse?

February 1, 2023


In a world of dupes, there are a few products left that you still want the real deal of. One of those being, a genuine leather purse. Genuine leather purses are some of the highest-quality, most versatile, and longest-lasting bags on the market today. Of course, you don’t want to get “duped” into buying something less than genuine that won’t live up to the same reputation.

So, if you’re searching for a genuine leather purse and have questions about how to tell real from fake, this is the guide for you. Keep reading as we answer all the most frequently asked questions about genuine leather purses.

How Do I Find Out If I Have a Real Genuine Leather Purse Or a Fake Leather Purse?

There’s a couple ways you can decipher if a genuine leather purse is real or fake. Visually, you can check the seam stitching. Generally, genuine leather purse stitch holes will be slightly uneven and have rough edges, similar to those of suede. Fake leather purses, on the other hand, will have uniform, machine-made seams that are all identical and not unique.

Next, try feeling the bag. Genuine leather purses will have an uneven texture, and may even have slight imperfections, while a fake bag will be smooth. Lastly, you can test by smell, as some genuine leather purses will have a more earthy aroma while fakes will not.

Does Real Leather Have A Genuine Leather Label?

Unfortunately, no. While some manufacturers will label their leather purses "genuine," this isn’t a tell-tale indicator that it is or isn't since the term isn’t regulated by any type of authority. Most genuine leather purses, on the other hand, will go out of their way to boast their 100% leather status or indicate whether it's full or top grain leather. If it looks like leather but doesn’t state the actual type of leather used, it’s likely a fake.

What’s The Difference Between Fake Leather And Real Leather?

Real leather is made from animal hides, like those of buffalo or cattle. Fake leather is made from synthetic materials, like plastic, and coated or treated with chemicals like wax, dye, or polyurethane to mimic the texture and color of real leather.

Can Real Leather Peel Or Crack?

Technically, yes, real leather can peel and crack, especially when not properly maintained. Over time, leather will need to be cleaned and conditioned from time to time to keep its original quality. That’s because, just like our skin, the animal hide can become dry, which results in cracking and peeling.

Does Fake Leather Scratch More Easily Than Real Leather?

Actually, due to the synthetic materials, dyes, and processes, some faux or fake leather can withstand scratches better than real leather. However, they can be more obvious when scratched due to the smooth nature of the plastic that’s used to make fake leather purses. That means a genuine leather purse may scratch, but it could blend right into the imperfect material.

Can You Test If Leather Is Real Or Fake With Water?

Yes, another way to test if leather is real or not is through absorption. If you drop a small amount of water onto a genuine leather purse, it should absorb. In fake leather purses, a water drop will pool and slide right off.

What Brand Has The Highest Quality Leather?

There are so many brands that produce high-quality, genuine leather purses that it’s hard to define which is best. But, if this is the time to toot our own horns, we’d have to recommend In Blue Handmade as our personal favorite high-quality and handcrafted leather purse manufacturers.

What’s The Difference Between Real Leather And Vegan Leather?

As we already mentioned, real leather purses are made from animal hide. In comparison, vegan leather purses are fake leather purses, or those made with synthetic materials.

Genuine Leather Purses - The Final Word

All in all, if you’re making the investment in buying a genuine leather purse, it’s wise to know how to spot one. It’s also wise to do your research when it comes to genuine leather purse retailers and be sure they’re the real deal before hitting "buy."

At In Blue Handmade, we’re as real as they come. Our shop started with a small group of friends who had a passion for handcrafting leather goods. Today, we’re a wage-certified small business and even support Feeding America by providing 50 meals to folks in need with every purchase.

That means you can make a good investment and do a good deed all at once. Learn more about the In Blue Handmade difference and shop our unique designs, styles, and genuine leather purse collections now!

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