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How To Look For The Best Accessories To Wear

April 5, 2023


If you're not used to wearing accessories, adding them to your outfits or collection can be overwhelming. From bandanas to jewelry to bags, there are a wide range of accessories for women, men, and all genders, available today, in a wide range of styles and types!

So, how can you look for the best accessories to wear in 2023? We have answers to your questions about purchasing accessories for any gender! To assist you, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about accessories.

Continue reading to find out where to get the best accessories and how to incorporate them into your outfits!

How to Find the Best Accessories 

There are two ways to find the best accessories for any gender. First, you can determine the type of accessory you want and search stores endlessly for just the right one. On the other hand, you can find accessories at the stores or shops you already like and browse the types of accessories they offer.

Sometimes you’re just looking for a specific item to complete your outfit and might go searching for the exact piece you have in mind. Other times, you’re looking for investment pieces or staples that you can add to your collection and wear with anything and everything.

So, to find the best accessories for women, or for any gender, this is our best piece of advice for dividing and conquering the many options available online and in person today.

What Types Of Accessories Are There For Women?

When you first start adding accessories to your wardrobe, you may wonder what types of accessories are available. Get ready, because there’s a lot to consider!

Accessories are one of the most versatile product categories available, with a wide range of products to help elevate outfits while also serving a functional purpose - such as holding your money or keeping your hair out of your face!

Here are some of the most popular accessories for all genders today -






-Coin purses

-Guitar straps





What Types Of Accessories Make People Look More Attractive?

First and foremost, don’t get caught up in the mindset that accessories or clothing help make you more attractive. You’re beautiful from the inside out, no matter what! But it is true that certain types of accessories might make you feel more attractive or give you a greater sense of confidence.

In that case, we've discovered that one-of-a-kind pieces or pieces that reflect unique personalities or likes are the most beneficial! Like -

-National Park bandanas

-Cute pins and patches

-Handcrafted leather bags


What Are The Best Accessories To Wear For Outfits?

Nothing complements outfits better than a bag, or hat. Especially when that bag or hat is made from leather, or with leather pieces, although we may be biased there. Leather is a classic staple that quite literally never goes out of style. It shows off its natural quality no matter the occasion and compliments any outfit, aesthetic, or look.

For work, a large leather tote bag is the perfect accessory. For play, you might choose a one-of-a-kind guitar strap or a small bag to take to festivals, outings, and more. At the end of the day, the best accessories to wear with outfits are determined by your personal taste and level of comfort.

Shopping Accessories for All Genders at In Blue Handmade

While we love talking about accessories for women, at In Blue Handmade we are 100% inclusive with gender neutral and fluid pieces. From totes to wallets, journals to flasks, we have a wide range of accessories for women and men to curate their own preferred collections.

When you shop at In Blue Handmade, you can feel just as good as your accessories look. Why? Not only is In Blue Handmade a woman-owned, small business that's fair trade certified and delivers 50 meals to folks in need with every purchase through Feeding America, but each and every one of our leather accessories and products is handmade with love!

Flex your feel good purchasing power, and get treated to accessories for women that will last a lifetime! Shop In Blue Handmade’s quality leather, handcrafted goods, now. 

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