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How To Wear Different Bandana Styles For Your Lifestyle

March 29, 2023


Bandana fashion is officially back, and better than ever. Like many accessories, what goes around comes around when it comes to trends. Bandana styles are no different, and they’re making their way back onto the scene in 2023.

So, what’s the best way to wear bandana styles? We’ve got all the inspo you need! Keep reading to learn more about styling your bandanas, where to find quality bandanas, and more frequently asked questions on bandana styles.

How to Wear Different Bandana Styles?

Of course, while bandana styles may have been underground for quite some time, there's a reason why they never truly go out of style. That’s because bandanas are incredibly versatile, not just in fabric, colors, or patterns but also in how you can wear them.

Some of the most different and most popular bandana styles include -

-Wearing a bandana as a headband or headscarf

-Tying a bandana around a ponytail

-Wearing a headband as a choker or necklace

-Tying a bandana to pants belt holes

-Adding a headband to a purse for a color pop

-Wearing a bandana as a top or bralette

What Are The Types Of Bandana Styles?

The main types of bandana styles are used for fashion or other purposes. What do we mean? Bandanas are useful for holding back your hair, providing protection from the sun, but they can also be used as a statement piece for an outfit or look.

In fact, in addition to the different wear suggestions we provided above, influencers are taking bandana styles to the next level in 2023 by getting creative with wear. Including -

-Loose and effortless looks

-Tied looks, in hair or around the neck

-Wrapping bandanas around top-knots

-Folding the bandana into a bracelet or headband

But bandana styles are so multifunctional that they can be used for face coverings for COVID-19 precautions or concerns, too.

How to Make Bandanas Look Good for Every Occasion?

The key to making bandanas look good for every occasion is choosing one that suits your style! There are so many different fabrics, colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, the options are endless for choosing a bandana style that works for you.

Bandanas are not only great for casual wear, but can be added to any dressy or formal outfit, too. Like many accessories, bandanas can be a fun way to add a flair to your outfit that shows off your likes, or unique personality.

For example, at In Blue Handmade, we have a collection of bandana styles featuring National Parks that can not only display your love of travel but also serve as a great conversation starter for outfits.

Can You Keep Hair Away From Your Face By Using Different Bandana Styles?

Absolutely! In fact, one of the main uses of bandana styles today is holding back or securing hair for men and women. Because bandanas are square, there are numerous ways to fold them to suit your hairstyle and needs.

Some people will fold them into a long, skinny rectangle, wrap them around their heads like a headband, and tie the ends. Some will wear the bandana over their heads and tie it in the back. You can also use bandana styles for wrapping ponytails, and buns, not just to keep the hair out of your face but for a unique look, too.

Finding Quality and Creative Bandana Styles

One thing about wearing bandana styles is that they will show off your individuality, creativity, and flair. So, if you don't want to be like everyone else and wear the most traditional bandana styles, you might be looking for something unique, if not one-of-a-kind. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

We love one-of-a-kind fashion at In Blue Handmade, from our handcrafted leather bags and leather accessories to our bandanas, pins, and patches! Even better? By shopping at In Blue Handmade, you’re supporting a fair-trade certified, woman-owned small business that gives back with every purchase made. That’s right, with our partnership with Feeding America, 50 meals are delivered to folks in need with every purchase made online or in-person.

Browse our collection of bandana styles and more at In Blue Handmade to flex your feel-good purchasing power!

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