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Everything You Need To Know About Leather Hats 

apRIL 11, 2023


What’s more classic than a stunning leather hat or hat with leather pieces? Not much! It’s a style that’s been in “fashion” for centuries, and only continues to modernize itself. In 2023, leather hats for women, men and all genders are back and better than ever, especially as more and more of the population becomes in-tune with protecting their skin from the sun!

So, what do you need to know about functional and fashionable leather hats? We’ve got the ultimate guide for you! Continue reading to learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about leather hats for all.

What Are The Best Leather Hats To Wear Year Round?

Leather hats are unique in the fact that they are versatile for year-round wear. Leather hats in the summer are ideal for keeping cool, while leather hats in the winter can help you stay warm, too. A wide brim on a leather hat can also help protect you from precipitation, like snow in the winter. In addition, it can help block out the sun in summer.

How To Style Leather Hats?

Like most leather accessories, leather hats or hats with hints of leather are multifaceted in terms of styling, too. Leather matches practically anything, and everything, making it ideal for casual and more formal outfits, too. Hence, why you might see a sea of leather hats at a festival or outdoor event, where they not only add to the outfit of the person wearing them but also help them remain comfortable in the elements.

Leather hats can be paired with other leather pieces, flannels, denim, sweaters, leggings, or even a summer dress.

How Comfortable Are Leather Hats?

When you buy a quality, handcrafted hat, no matter the material, it’s extremely comfortable to wear. Especially when you break it in, with multiple uses, and it somewhat conforms to your head!

The problem with comfortability lies in the quality of the leather hat, and the way it was manufactured. So, if comfort is high on your list of must-haves, be sure to seek out high-quality, handcrafted leather hats instead of those that are machine made.

Does Wearing Leather Hats In The Summer Get Too Hot?

Like we touched on earlier, no, leather hats can actually have a cooling effect in the summer! Think about it… Cowboys used to wear them, too. But keep in mind that leather hats aren’t the most breathable, however, they do help keep your head and body cool with their protection from the sun’s heat.

One thing to keep in mind when wearing leather hats in the summer is the damage that the sun’s bright rays can have on the material. The sun tends to dry out leather, making it more prone to fading, so it’s recommended to use a leather polish on the hat before and after wearing it in the sun for long periods of time.

Why Should You Wear a Leather Hat?

The question really should be, "Why shouldn’t you wear a leather hat?" There’s no reason not to add hats for women (or men!) to your wardrobe. It’s a staple piece that’ll fit any capsule wardrobe and immediately elevate an outfit when worn. If you’re looking for that statement piece for the perfect outfit, leather hats or hats with hints of leather are where it’s at!

Finding Leather Hats for All 

The first thing you should know about leather is that you don’t want to trust just any manufacturer. There are a plethora of leather dupes and fake leather bags and accessories, like leather or handcrafted hats, on the market today. To ensure you’re purchasing genuine, high-quality hats, it's best to find a small business or local artisan that specializes in handcrafted goods.

Enter In Blue Handmade into the conversation! In Blue Handmade is a small, woman-owned business in Asheville, NC, that started with a passion for handcrafting leather goods. Today, we’re happy to be a fair-wage certified employer who gives back to Feeding America with every purchase made, feeding 50 folks in need!

Flex your feel-good purchasing power when you buy your next  hat. Shop our selection of handcrafted quality leather accessories, handbags, and more at In Blue Handmade now!

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