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The Top Five Must Have Leather Handbags Made in USA

september 21, 2022


There comes a time in everyone’s life when they start looking at their wardrobe more sensibly. Instead of impulse purchasing the latest trend or most affordable pieces, you begin looking for quality-made staples that serve as long-term investments and come with lifetime durability. When this time inevitably rolls around, your search for USA made leather handbags is on.

So, what are some of the most classic leather handbags made in the USA that are perpetually in fashion, hold up over time, and are fit for any and every type of outing you take?

Here we’ve compiled a list of the top five best leather handbags made in the USA to help you in your search. 

 #1 - A Bowler Bag

Bowler bags are officially back on trend, and for good reason. The medium-sized handbag is versatile, practical, and has just the right amount of space to carry your daily essentials. Bell bottoms, round sunglasses, and 70s style fashion are all making their rounds again, and this classic small bowler tote bag is the perfect accessory for daily wear and those special going out ‘fits. It’s available in six colors to suit your personal style and has two strap styles for versatile wear. 

#2 - A Large Tote Bag

Every wardrobe needs a bag that can transition from work to play seamlessly, and a large leather purse or tote bag answers the call. With room to fit a laptop, water bottle, cosmetics case, and even lunch - this handmade leather tote bag will have you looking chic and feeling put together no matter where you have to go. It comes equipped with straps to wear over your shoulder, or cross-body style, adding an element of comfortability and flexibility to convenience, too. 

#3 - A Crossbody

We all have those days where we don’t need much but want those things easily accessible, and safely contained at all times. The bonus is if the bag looks good while doing it, too. A small leather purse with a crossbody style is the perfect go-to for this common need. A crossbody small leather purse that’s handmade in the USA is one you can always rely on for concerts, sports games, or a simple day running errands.

#4 - A Convertible Backpack

On the flip side, we also all have those days where we need to carry just more than the essentials. Whether you’re hiking for the day, attending an outdoor festival, or heading to class, a premium, handmade, leather convertible backpack will forever have your back. This quintessential style handcrafted and perfected over the years by In Blue Handmade is available in two colors and three sizes to suit your personal needs. Each option has all the space you need, and is versatile for crossbody wear too. 

#5 - A Mixed Material 

Our last must-have classic leather bag may be more of a ‘want’ vs. a ‘need’ but will fulfill all those times you want to feel a little extra. Mixed material leather tote bags seemingly never go out of style and will have you collecting compliments left and right as you wear them out and about. We personally love the combo of waterproof waxed canvas and leather, which offers durability, and an eye-catching look.

What to look for in quality leather bags

As you search retailers for the best leather handbags made in the USA, there are a few traits you can look for that define quality. Here are just a few indicators of leather quality to keep in mind to help you with your handmade leather bag quest -

-Buy handmade vs machine-made.

-Seek out full grain over bonded leather.

-Review the quality of stitching, inner lining, and the durability of handles, zippers, straps, and hardware.

-Avoid leather that appears splotchy.

-Search for soft and supple leathers that’ll age well over time.

Who makes the best leather bags?

When we’re talking about staple pieces and an investment for your wardrobe - Amazon and big-box retail department stores don’t always cut it. There’s a reason why leather-making is highly regarded as an art form and one of the most artisanal methods in fashion. To be sure, you spend your money wisely, you’ll find the best leather bags from small businesses that hold these values near and dear.

In Blue Handmade started off as one woman with a passion for handcrafted leather goods and is now the employer of nine local Asheville residents who share the same love. With a lifetime guarantee and a partnership with Feeding America - which feeds 50 folks in need with each bag purchase - your can support your own everyday needs while supporting others, too.

Shop our wide selection of handmade leather bags - in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles—now to get your ‘must-have’ for life.

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