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Waxed Canvas Bags Made in USA: The Top FAQs You Need Answered

october 11, 2022


So, you’ve decided it’s time to make an investment in your bag collection. The next step is to look for which durable, long-lasting fabric you should choose. The most obvious choice may seem like high-quality leather, but then you learn that waxed canvas bags made in USA might be the smarter choice.

While leather is a top choice for many, waxed canvas is rising in popularity for investment staple pieces due to its waterproof ability. To help you decide which is right for you - leather or waxed canvas, we’ve got the ultimate guide for you.

Keep reading to get the answers to the top FAQs on waxed canvas bags made in USA so you can be fully informed before making your purchase.

What is a waxed canvas bag?

Waxed canvas bags are made with canvas fibers that are coated with wax. The type of bag has a long history, as its origins date back to British sailors who observed that wet canvas sails were more effective at catching the wind. Upon their discovery, the sailors began to soak the canvas in linseed oil which was later used for clothing too.

In today’s world, most waxed canvas fabrics are made with either a paraffin-based wax or a “hybrid wax” that includes paraffin and fluorocarbon for added waterproofing abilities. Now, even natural waxes like beeswax are growing in popularity, although they do come with a higher cost.

Due to its durability, it was only natural that waxed canvas began to be used for bags. Waxed canvas looks like leather, but is waterproof in nature, adding to the allure for many buyers.

What type of canvas is used for bags?

Canvas itself can be made from linen (or flax), cotton, and hemp. It’s similar to heavy-duty fabrics like denim, but it uses a plain weave vs. a twill weave.

Is canvas material good for bags?

If the waxed canvas is durable enough for sailors on the sea, you can rest assured it’s durable enough to withstand your day-to-day life. Waxed canvas bags made in USA are preferred by those who appreciate classic style and are seeking a bag that can weather any trips or adventures they embark on - whether a day in the park or a hike on their favorite trail.

Why are canvas tote bags so popular?

Waxed canvas tote bags are so popular again, because of their durability and classic appearance. Many styles are versatile enough to accompany a professional from meeting to meeting or accompany you on your outdoor ventures. With waxed canvas’ durability, you won’t have to worry about it setting on a wet surface, or becoming damaged from unexpected precipitation or elements.

What is the difference between oilcloth and waxed canvas?

Typically, oilcloth refers to a vinyl that has a synthetic backing that’s found in most tablecloths. Waxed canvas is a cotton, linen, or hemp fabric that’s soaked with wax. It’s softer to the touch than oilcloth and is more commonly used for bags than oilcloth, too.

What lasts longer, leather or canvas?

In general, waxed canvas bags tend to last longer than leather due to less upkeep and maintenance and their reliable, durable waterproofing.

Which handbag material is best?

We can’t answer this question for you - we love all handbag materials! However, if you’re looking for durability, longevity, and a classic style, we’d recommend waxed canvas bags made in the USA or leather bags made in the USA, too.

Are waxed canvas bags waterproof?

Yes, naturally, waxed canvas bags are waterproof due to the canvas material being soaked in wax (which is naturally waterproof).

How to clean waxed canvas bags?

For the most part, you don’t want to wash or clean your waxed canvas bag often as it can break down the fabric. From time to time, if you have to spot-clean the bag, use a soft-bristled brush, cold water, and mild soap (no detergent!). Once cleaned, rinse the soap off the fabric completely and allow the bag to air dry. For oil-based stains, you can use cornstarch to absorb the oil from the material.

How to tell if a waxed canvas bag is made in the USA?

To verify that your waxed canvas bag is made in the USA, you’ll have to do your own research into the manufacturer or store. Check their website for a US address or review reviews to ensure no one received a shipment outside of the USA. In general, buying ‘small’ is the best way to ensure that you buy a waxed canvas bag made in USA. As you can more easily verify, the handcrafted items are made in the country rather than sourced from outside.

Where to buy waxed canvas bags made in USA?

In the modern world of retail, you can buy waxed canvas bags made in USA at department stores or small businesses, too. They’re available online or in-person at artisan markets, shops, or retail stores.

Waxed Canvas Bags Made in USA - The Final Word

Now that you know more about the benefits of waxed canvas bags made in USA, it’s likely you’ll be shopping around for one of your own. Not only is waxed canvas a highly durable textile for lifelong use, but it’s also uniquely waterproof for extra longevity. If you’re searching for the best waxed canvas bags, we’ve got you covered at In Blue Handmade!

Our small, woman-owned business, located in Asheville, NC is committed to producing high-quality, handcrafted waxed canvas bags - that even come with a lifetime guarantee. Sign up for our newsletter on our homepage to learn about limited edition launches, new styles, ongoing ‘feel good’ initiatives, and more!

Or, start shopping at In Blue Handmade to add a waxed canvas bag made in USA to your accessories collection now! 

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