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What Are The Best Ideas For Leather Engraving? 

march 22, 2023


Leather is one of the longest lasting materials on the planet. So it makes sense that leather engraving (or other techniques) is so popular, to personalize long-lasting staple pieces. Engraving leather is a trend that never goes out of style and gives consumers the opportunity to make their one-of-a-kind leather goods that much more custom.

In today's modern world of leather, laser engraving is much more common to customize pieces with a monogram or other details. 

Have questions on the best way to move forward with leather engraving your pieces with lasering? We’ve got answers! Keep reading for the most frequently asked questions on leather engraving and lasering to help you decide whether or not to engrave your leather collection.

What Are The Best Leather Engraving Ideas?

The best thing about leather engraving with lasering is that you can be as creative as you want to be! Some of the best leather engraving ideas we’ve seen include -



-Personalized wedding gifts

-Arts and designs

-Full names

-Years or important dates


The best leather engraving idea for you, is what means the most considering leather engraving can last a lifetime!

What Is Leather Engraving?

Leather engraving describes the process of personalizing or decorating a leather product. It permanently adds a design to the leather piece’s surface. The two most common ways to do so are through engraving or what’s known as embossing. Here’s the difference between the two -

-Engraving suppresses the leather material to make its design.

-Embossing cuts, scrapes and removes the leather material to make its design.

Leather laser engraving, like the technique used at In Blue Handmade produces the same results with modern technology. 

Is It Better To Engrave Or Emboss Leather?

Both leather embossing and leather engraving are recommended for adding elements to accessories. However, it’s important to keep in mind that embossing is only recommended for simple designs - such as numbers or letters. It can be difficult to emboss intricate designs, like ornamental decorations or logos.

So to answer the question, "Is it better to engrave or emboss leather?" The answer lies in your actual design! It may also depend on where you go to have your leather engraved, or what type of equipment they have on hand. 

Which Leather Is The Strongest For Leather Engraving?

In general, any type of leather is strong enough for leather engraving with any technique, including cowhide, lambskin, deerskin, and sheepskin varieties. Of course, for the highest quality leather pieces, it’s always best to search out genuine leather, with top grain and full grain being the best of the best. Full grain leather is the thickest of them all.

As for appearance, light-colored leathers can be best for engraving because they have greater contrast compared to darker-colored leathers.

Who Does Leather Engraving?

Leather engraving is popular across the US and can be found at specialty shops. However, if you don’t find yourself close to a physical location that offers leather engraving, you can always buy a new piece online and have it custom made with the engraving of your choice.

Many online leather retailers, like In Blue Handmade, already offer laser engraved items in their day to day collections and are usually small enough to accommodate special requests with your order placements, too.

In Blue Handmade - Quality Leather for Engraving

If you’re interested in engraving something to make it more of your own, leather bags or accessories are the perfect option. Leather engraving not only lets you personalize your favorite items, but it also makes them strong enough to last a long time or be passed down from generation to generation.

So that means you should start off with a quality leather purse, leather wallet, leather tote, or other accessories! The most important part of quality leather engraving is being sure that the piece you’re engraving is genuine leather, top grain or full grain being the highest quality.

Even better? Handcrafted leather goods make your engraved piece that much more unique! Shop In Blue Handmade, a woman-owned, local business in North Carolina handcrafting some of the best leather goods in the US. Plus, your purchase is a good deed too; with our Feeding America partnership, you'll provide 50 meals to folks in need.

 Browse the In Blue Handmade collection now for your leather engraving desires!

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