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What To Know About Getting A Handmade Leather Wallet for Everyday Wear 

July 29,2022


So, it’s time to upgrade your wallet. That means, it’s only natural that you’re researching handmade leather wallets as one of your top choices. Why? Because handmade leather wallets are highly regarded as one of the most versatile, durable, and easy to use accessories.

If you have questions about buying a handmade leather wallet, we have answers. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about handmade leather wallets and what to look for in one that lasts.

Should You Consider Buying A Leather Wallet?

This answer is simple. Absolutely, you should consider buying a leather wallet! A leather wallet is the perfect investment for your staple or capsule wardrobe that will never go out of style. In addition, it’ll hold up over the years due to the material’s durability and longevity.

Consumers are increasingly seeking out handmade leather wallets for their -

-One-of-a-kind nature

-Support of small businesses and artisans

-Long-lasting nature

-Ease of use

-Security and durability

What’s The Cost Of a Good Wallet?

As we mentioned, a good wallet should be considered an investment piece. In today’s market, a good wallet can cost anywhere from $30-$100+. But when you take into consideration, you won’t have to replace your wallet every 2-3 years, then the higher upfront cost is worth it in the end.

Of course, there’s a wide variety of wallet sizes that can greatly affect price. For instance, a quality, slim card holder type wallet can cost much less than a full wallet with all the bells and whistles.

How To Tell If A Wallet Is High Quality Or Not?

Luckily, there are a few indicators on whether or not a handmade leather wallet is high quality or not. When shopping different leather brands and options, here’s a few qualities to look for -

Check the texture - When you run your finger along the material, it should feel slightly textured and not smooth or sheen. That’s because handmade leather wallets are made from animal hide, and should have a natural texture to the touch.

Check the hardware - Higher quality handmade leather wallets will have just as high quality hardware, too. So check the type of buttons, zippers or fasteners used, to ensure they didn’t cut corners for the pieces that will secure your wallet and its belongings.

Smell it - We know this might sound odd, but fake leather will have a chemical smell to it. Real leather won’t. If you’re looking for a quality handmade leather wallet, ensure it has a natural aroma to it and doesn’t smell like a chemical spray used to preserve the material.

Check the stitching and edges - Real leather, again is made from animal hide, so will have natural cut edges versus edges cut consistently by a machine. High quality leather wallets will also have double stitching which ensures the manufacturer hasn’t cut any corners there, either.

What Is The Best Type Of Wallet That Lasts The Longest?

Leather, and specifically top grain or full grain leather, is considered to be the best type of wallet that lasts the longest compared to others. Leather is waterproof, extending its lifespan and durability overall.

Since wallets are used so frequently, and undergo an extreme amount of wear and tear, choosing a durable material like leather is crucial for those seeking a long-lasting purchase.

How Long Does a Wallet Last?

Leather goods, like handmade leather wallets and leather bags, can last up to and even beyond 100 years. Hence, the reason why so many family heirlooms are leather in nature. 

When well-kept and maintained, leather is highly durable and can last for many lifetimes.

Handmade Leather Wallets at In Blue Handmade

At In Blue Handmade, we don’t just make leather bags. We craft leather goods! Our collection ranges from accessories, including handmade leather wallets, to large tote bags, guitar straps, and even hats.

In Blue Handmade began as a one-woman shop and has grown into a fair-wage certified employer managing a team that shares a passion for handcrafted leather! Even better? With every purchase, we support Feeding America and provide 50 meals to folks in need! Now, that’s some feel-good purchasing.

Support small and shop handmade leather wallets at In Blue Handmade. Shop our selection, now!

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