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How Can You Tell If You Have A Real Genuine Leather Purse?

February 1, 2023


You shouldn’t just demand quality and long-lasting wear from your leather purses or bags, but from other essential accessories too. As things become more expensive, consumers are looking for long term investments versus buying cheap fast fashion, which they’re going to have to replace. Hence the rise in popularity of leather essential accessories.

So, what type of leather essential accessories can you buy today and where should you shop for the utmost quality? Keep reading for our ultimate guide to leather essential accessories, and the top facts you need to know!

What Are The Type Of Accessories Made From Leather?

Some common accessories made from leather include -




-Bracelets or jewelry

-Bags and purses

-Guitar straps



Because these types of accessories are worn frequently, or even daily, it’s important for them to be durable and long-lasting. Hence, many consumers are now choosing leather essential accessories for their staple wardrobe collections.

How To Use Leather For Fashion Accessories?

Why else is leather so beloved for fashion accessories? Because the material and aesthetic complement almost everything. Leather is the one material that never goes out of style and can be classically paired with bold colors like black or navy, or added to colorful swatches and patterns for a multi-textured look.

To use leather for your fashion accessories, start off small with something like a leather keychain or wallet. As you notice its wearability, start adding to your leather essential accessories collection with other items like hats, and beyond.

What Leather Products Are In The Highest Demand?

As for the leather products that are in the highest demand, there are a few that are more popular now than ever before. Including -




-Duffel bags

These types of accessories specifically have also been shown on the runway in various fashion shows and weeks across the globe.

Why Use Leather Essential Accessories?

Many choose to use leather essential accessories because of the material’s unique traits. For instance, leather is highly durable and can last for nearly 100 years when properly cared for. 

To add to that, here are a few other benefits of choosing leather for your essential accessories:

-Real leather rarely fades or wears quickly.

-Real leather softens overtime, and becomes more flexible making it more comfortable to use and wear.

-Real leather is water resistant making it easy to maintain and clean

-Real leather adds a level of sophistication to everyday wear due to its status as an expensive material.

-Real leather goods can be passed down for generations adding a level of sentiment to every wear.

How To Find The Best Leather Essential Accessories For Everyday Wear?

We recommend looking for small craftsmen or artisans if you want to find the best leather essential accessories for everyday wear. Especially if you strive to be distinctive. Because there is no distinction as to whether leather is genuine or not, you can better trust the word of a local retailer whose reputation is on the line.

Even more, you won’t be caught with the same leather accessory as everyone else when you choose a source that offers handmade, unique, and one-of-a-kind designs.

Where To Purchase Leather Essential Accessories?

We don't want to be biased, but In Blue Handmade is one of the best places to buy leather essentials. Mary Lynn Schroeder started In Blue Handmade, and her love of making leather goods has led to a nine-person team in Asheville, NC.

Rather than purchasing low-quality, mass-produced leather essential accessories, you can support a small business and gain a high-quality, long-lasting accessory at the same time.

The Bottom Line: Leather Essential Accessories

Blue Handmade makes high-quality leather purses and bags, as well as leather essential accessories. Plus, you can flex some feel-good purchasing power by shopping at a woman-owned, living wage-certified shop that even gives back to Feeding America with every purchase made.

Change the way you shop, and invest in quality, leather essential accessories from In Blue Handmade. Shop our wide selection of products, handcrafted in the USA, now.  

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