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Why Should You Own Leather Bags? Everything You Must Know

december 7, 2022


We all have that one friend who’s multi-faceted enough to be down for anything, anytime.

Who you can drag from runways to rodeos, to hiking and music fests…

Leather bags are that friend.

If you don’t have that type of friend? It’s time for you to get one!

Here, let’s learn more about why everyone should own a leather bag, where to shop for one, how to care for one, and more.

Keep reading for all the FAQs on buying a leather bag, now 

 Why Own Leather Bags?

First things first: why own leather bags? If you need more of a reason outside of leather bags being universally used, we’ve got more to share.

-Leather bags are durable.

-Leather bags are well-made (if bought from a reputable brand!).

-Leather bags are long-lasting.

-Leather bags match anything.

-Leather bags never go out of style.

Of course, because leather is an art to make on its own, it often comes with a higher price tag in comparison to other materials. That is why it is worthwhile to spend time researching buying leather bags before making an impulsive purchase. 

What Are The Types Of Leather Bags? 

Again, due to leather's versatility, it can be used to make practically any type of bag. The types of leather bags you’ll find today include:

-Bowling Bags


-Cosmetic Bags

-Duffle Bags

-Tote Bags

-Messenger Bags

-Saddle Bag

-Shoulder Bag

-And more…

When purchasing a leather bag, it is often best to consider what type of bag will work best for your lifestyle in order to narrow your search. 

Which Is The Best Brand For Lady's Leather Bags?

Is this the time for our shameless plug? It looks like it! While there are a variety of brands that make quality lady leather bags, we are biased here at In Blue Handmade. Our brand employs a small team of locals from Asheville, North Carolina, who share a passion for leather. Meaning, we sew that love into every handcrafted bag we produce!

With affordable prices, feel-good purchasing (read to the end to find out!), and a lifetime guarantee? That’s what we’d consider the best - especially with our wide selection of hip and classic styles, too.

Which Type Of Leather Bag Is Best For Every Purse?

That’s a tough question. The type of leather bag that’s best for an everyday purse will depend on your type of everyday life. If you require a lot of ‘baggage’ to get you through the day, a large tote is a classic go-to. If you prefer something smaller, a small crossbody bag is ideal. 

How To Care For Leather Bags?

Yes, leather bags are incredibly durable, but that doesn’t mean that durability doesn’t require some upkeep and maintenance. Over time, you’ll need to perform routine and spot-type cleanings to keep your leather bag in its best shape. Here are a few tips and tricks for caring for leather bags to be mindful of:

-Clean your bag every so often with a soft, dry cloth or one that is just a little bit damp.

-Once a year or twice a year, give your bag a deeper cleaning by wiping it down with a leather cleaner.

-To condition your bag and keep it from flaking over time, apply a leather conditioner to your bag once or twice a year, too.

What Leather Bags Are In Style For Fall 2022?

Mixed materials (think waxed canvas and leather), bold colors, tote bags, and X have all been trends this year and will continue to grow into 2023. In general, leather bags are always in style, but every season comes with its own twist.

That means if you have a vintage leather bag or are thinking of getting rid of an old one you’ve held on to, don’t! In a few years, that style could make a comeback, and everyone will be asking you where you got it from.

That’s also something you should keep in mind when shopping for leather bags; don’t be afraid to go bold; the fabric and classic nature of the piece means it will never be fast fashion.

Buying a Leather Bag - The Final Word

Leather isn’t like any other fabric. It’s durable and long-lasting for good reason, as it takes time to tan, preserve, and halt the process of transforming the hide for wear. That also means you shouldn’t shop for leather bags like you would any other fabric.

The process of making leather handbags is one that benefits from a handcrafted touch. Don’t take our word for it - seek out a machine-made leather bag, and a handmade leather bag, and we’ll guarantee you can see and feel the difference.

So, if you’re looking to make an investment toward your next staple accessory - look no further than In Blue Handmade for a leather bag. Not only do we offer an extensive collection of leather bags, and accessories, but we’re a small, woman-owned business that facilitates ‘feel-good’ purchasing too.

How? Every bag we sell feeds 50 people in need through Feeding America.

Put that buying power to good use and enjoy all the benefits that leather bags can provide. Shop our current selection of leather bags now! 

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